Month: March 2019

But since challenges co-exist with opportunities, Chin

  should maintain regular communication with its EU partners, seek mutual benefits and use innovative mechanisms to realize better cooperation.   Tian Dewen, deputy director general of the Institute of European Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences   Sino-EU cooperation has great potential   As one of the world’s three largest economies and a strong driving force of […]

hina aims to reduce cost of logisticsna aims to reduce

 logistics costs by nearly 121 billion yuan ($17.8 billion) this year, the Ministry of Transport an nounced on Thursday at a news conference of the State Council Information Office. Spokesman Wu Chungeng said the ministry will unveil a st ring of measures not only to cut costs but to promote innovative development of the industry. […]

streamline certain fees related to ports, highways and airpo

he said. In addition, the ministry will step up its efforts to manage the effects of eliminating highway toll stations at provincial boundaries. The ministry also called for small and medium-sized enterprises to forge alliances for common development to consolidate the fragmented logistics sector. In recent years, China’s logistics industry has been experiencing consistent growth […]

Zhang Zuhao, a sixth grade student, used to misbehave and h

ve and have little interest in his studies, not even finishing homework. In order to change his attitude, Gao Ziren visited his home every weekend, talking with his parents about the importance of studying. Zhang Guangxing, Zhang Zuhao’s father, still remembered when Gao Ziren first visited his home. Because of Gao’s insistence, the parents paid […]

China and Italy complement each other in terms of resou

 resource endowment, with trade cooperation being the cornerstone of their relationship. Belt and Road projects have already helped expand the shipping trade in the Mediterranean region, creating unprecedented development opportunities for Italy’s major ports. And now that Beijing and Rome have signed a MoU on the Belt and Road Initiative, the two sides can establish […]

largest source of imports. Given that Italy enjoys many tec

hnology and brand advantages, it has become one of the main destinations for Chinese ente rprises’ overseas investment in recent years, with the scale of investment gradually increasing. The establishment of the China-Italy Government Committee and dialogue mechanisms such as regul ar meetings between the Chinese premier and Italian prime minister has provided a solid […]