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In April, the CSRC pledged to promote the opening-up

 of stock index futures. At present, onshore stock index futures are unavailable to overseas invest ors, and they can only hedge risks associated with investing in A shares through offshore instruments. “After the stock index futures market opens up, investor bases will dive rsify, helping China’s capital market achieve a higher efficiency in asset pricing,” […]

Data from the US Census Bureau showed that bilater

eral merchandise trade between the two countries has declined by more than 15 percent since September 2018, when the second round of tariffs went into effect. “This has also impacted global value chains in East Asia and other trading partners,” the report said. “We’ve seen the trade tariffs that have been introduced on both sides […]

The area previously had about 1,000 monitoring stations.

China is the only country that lists forecasting earthquakes as a government responsibility. Considering our limited knowledge about earthquakes, the forecasting work has to be based on observatio n. However, the weak signals from underground are often disrupted by electromagnetic interference, he said. He said that in cooperation with the government of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, […]

US soy farmers call for cool-down of trade tensions

US soy farmers have urged Washington to work for a positive solution to the current tarif f dispute with the world’s top oilseed buyer China, and avoid further escalation of trade tensions. In a statement released late Tuesday, the American Soybean Association (ASA) described the t hreat by US President Donald Trump’s administration to increase […]

More and more students are learning the Chinese cul

ulture and language through the exchange program which is vital for our economic, cultural, education ties and growth, she added. Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Namibia Yang Jun said lan guage is the bridge for a win-win situation and enhancing Namibia-China relations. “The education cooperation begins with language learning and tr aining. It […]