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y year-end, ETC lanes will become the mainstream, which

h will allow nonstop passage of freight vehicles in addition to passenger vehicles. The action plan aims for establishing an electronic toll system for China’s expressways by 2025. The move to dismantle the real tollgates will help resolve traffic jams on provinci al borders, said Dai Dongchang, vice-minister of transport in a policy briefing in […]

“They want it to look like an impeachment hearing

 because they won’t bring impeachment proceedings,” Collins said. The report detailed extensive contacts between Trump’s 2016 preside ntial campaign and Moscow and the campaign’s expectation that it would ben efit from Russia’s actions, which included hacking and propaganda to boost Trump and harm Democratic can didate Hillary Clinton. The report also detailed a series of […]

To attract more foreign investment to China, the country’s

 top legislature recently passed the Foreign Investment Law, which says China will gradually shorten the negative list fo r foreign investors to increase inbound foreign investment. This, together with Italy’s policy to welcome Chin ese investment, is expected to help the two countries take more measures to boost investment cooperation. Sino-Italian friendly exchanges have a […]