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Meanwhile, China is willing to jointly promote the mo

nitoring and evaluation of Arctic climate and environmental changes, develop platforms for po lar scientific research, and promote the sharing of Arctic observation data and international work pr ojects, Wang said during the Arctic Circle China Forum in Shanghai on Friday. “We look forward to working with other countries to smooth the economic channel that […]

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Zhang Tianhang, a pet photographer based in Beijing, has taken photos of over 10,000 stray animals over the past eight ye ars. Working with animal shelters, he is determined to raise people’s awareness of these abandoned pets and find them a new home. “You won’t believe these are photos of the same dog,” Zhang said, […]

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titutions, companies and colleges in Beijing, including the Beijing sub-council of the China Council for the Promotion of Inte rnational Trade, Beijing Enterprises Group Real-Estate Co and the Beijing Forestry University have participated in nong overnmental exchange projects in countries such as Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar and Nepal. Generally, those Belt and Road projects involve such […]